200 Liter RAPTOR Drums – 3:1 Mix Ratio


The 200 Liter RAPTOR drum for will provide you with the coverage and protection you need for large and OEM applications. Contact your local RAPTOR Sales Technician for local distributors and to assist in your applications.

Use for automotive, construction, marine, recreational, industrial, agricultural and commercial applications.


Code Size/Pack Color Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UP4870 200 Liter Black 2.6 VOC Black 6 UP4870 TDS UP4870 SDS
UP4871 200 Liter Tintable 2.6 VOC Tintable 6 UP4871 TDS UP4871 SDS
UP4872 200 Liter White 2.6 VOC Drum White 6 UP4872 TDS UP4872 SDS
UP4873 200 Liter Tintable 1.7 VOC Tintable 6 UP4873 TDS UP4873 SDS
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