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Here we have part two of our four part series covering U-POL’s premium line of aerosols completely free for you to downloand.

We’ll be looking at how different products in the range can quickly and easily help you to repair a rocker panel, saving you time and increasing productivity.

Featured Products in this video

WIPE#6 – Fast evaporating, solvent based, anti-silicone degreaser that won’t attack existing painted surfaces. Removes surface contaminants like wax, grease and silicones.

ACID#8 – Promotes paint adhesion to difficult surfaces like galvanized steel and aluminim. Creates an anti-corrosive barrier that prevents steel from rusting and can be used to etch and prime bare metal in one step!

GUARD#10 – A textured, durable coating that bonds directly to bare metal and properly prepared aluminum and galvanised surfaces. Protects against stone chips, salt, moisture and rust. The high-build formula is ideal for covering weld marks and high seams and is a great sound deadener in body panels and engine compartments.

Can be immediately top coated saving you time!

CLEAR#1 provides an excellent high gloss finish and depth for seamless repairs with fast drying for increased productivity. It is UV resistant and ideal for spot repairs like fenders, bumper covers, mirror covers and mouldings,

U-Pol’s Pre-gassed Cans are ready to be filled with 100ml of solvent-based or waterborne paint and produce a clog-free, spray gun like application. View the range of available filling machines here.