Making History With ISOPON

When I grew up my father had a strong love affair with automobiles, partly because back in the day, repairing a scratch on a car didn’t require an advanced diploma. We spent hours in the garage working on his car with care to the paint work and routine maintenance. In the past, it was a “rite-of-passage” that fathers and their sons worked on cars together. We owned an old Holden Torana SL/R 5000; it was the loudest car on the block. I remember that car like it was yesterday. I helped my father on weekends and after school repairing the body and understanding the journey it would take for this machine to come alive. These were skills I’d have and memories I’d cherish for life. But we needed the products to do the job right the first time…

Making History With ISOPON

My father introduced me to ISOPON products produced by U-pol. ISOPON is the world’s oldest body filler manufacturer, with P38 filler being their first product ever produced. Close to 75 years ago ISOPON was originally a compound invented by Walter David, who combined Talcum Powder and resin, to fill holes left in walls after inserting Rat Poison. The product was so successfully it was reworked into a product fit for automotive repair. ISOPON got its name when U-Pol’s founder Walter David rearranged the letters of “POISON” to form “ISOPON”. Fast forward to the present, and they produce products suited to the weekend warriors that are trade quality and supply the automotive smash repair industry. ISOPON is committed to giving you the best product possible, our state-of-the-art technical facility is constantly working on new technology for the future of body filler innovation. That way we are investing in the longevity of your repairs.

Nowadays, the auto repair and maintenance industry is using social media to overhaul its outreach strategies to newer generations. ISOPON is leading the way with QR codes with how to use videos and they also have the technical support team to help anyone that needs assistance. It allows us to really understand what products will be fit for each job. The beauty of ISOPON, is that it provides everything you need in the box to get the job done at home with ease. When I was a kid, there wasn’t much to choose from, and after nearly 75 years of experience, ISOPON continues to provide the number one choice for driveway repairs, giving people the opportunity to make the same memories I made with my father.


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