Fibral Fiberglass Filler takes the place of short and long strand products and is ideal for bridging holes while providing a tough resistant GRP coating.

  • Smooth spreading and easy to apply
  • Can be shaped and sanded once cured
  • Completely waterproof
  • Can be sanded and directly top coated in 20 minutes

Substrates: Bare steel, fiberglass, SMC, rigid plastic, fully cured paint surfaces.

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Code Size/Pack Color Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UP0717 1.28L Dispenser Pale Yellow 6 UP0717 TDS UP0717 SDS
UP0716 900 ml Tin Pale Yellow 8 UP0716 TDS UP0716 SDS
UP0754 880 ml Bag Pale Yellow 6 UP0754 TDS UP0754 SDS
UP0753 440 ml Bag Pale Yellow 10 UP0753 TDS UP0753 SDS
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