Custom Can Filling Machine Pneumatic

Pneumatic filling machine designed for single and multi-aerosol filling. Fast, accurate and safe filling of Custom Can aerosols with self-positioning mechanism for easy fitting of the aerosol can into the filling cylinder. Pneumatic aerosol filling machine uses a single shot of 100ml paint to produce a 400ml aerosol ready for use. Simple, two-part machine is easy to clean with easy fit spares available. Produces spray paints in thousands of colors each made to order for both professional and DIY customers.

Every Custom Can Color Center offers precise color matching in aerosols for:

  • Corporate colors
  • Vehicle finishes
  • Industrial finishes
  • Special effects

For frequently asked questions, please click on the “Instructions Leaflet” link. Click here for the user manual.

Designed for single and multi-aerosol filling; 1-24 aerosols per color, with extra cups available.

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Code Size/Pack Color Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UP0813 Pneumatic 1
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