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U-POL offers a comprehensive line of fillers, putties and glazes that offer both quality and performance.

These products utilize the latest advancements in resin technology to give you the perfect results, every time.

  • UP0658 Dolphin Ultra Fine Finishing Putty and UP0714 Dolphin Ultra Fine Finishing Glaze are made from the same resin system so the products can be used interchangeably depending on the level of damage and preference of the user.
  • Both products are easy to sand, and can be primed in 20 minutes or less!
  • Both products can be applied directly to metal, prepared OEM paint surfaces, aluminum, galvanized, SMC, fiberglass and lightly abraded E-Coat, AND most plastics
  • UP0658 Dolphin Putty is ideal for repairing rock chips or door dings, and features lightweight technology with excellent filling properties so it’s a quick fix for these types of applications.
  • UP0714 Dolphin Glaze, as demonstrated in this video, is designed for minor surface scratches and imperfections and is completely self-leveling.