U-POL understands that time is of the essence in a body shop. We understand how important it is to use products and processes that will help save you time and money so your operation can run as effectively AND efficiently as possible.

This video will focus on two products, our Dolphin Speed Glaze and our RAPID SYSTEM Primer.

Dolphin Speed Glaze is designed with the autobody repair technician in mind:

  • Its semi-flexible formula dries and powders fast, which translates into reduced cycle times and extra profits
  • Dolphin Speed Glaze cures in 8-10 minutes, and can be primed in as little as 15 minutes!
  • It is also our softest sanding glaze, and features an advanced, lightweight formulation, which is ideal for repairing small scratches, minor dents, chips, and surface imperfections
  • And even though it’s pourable, Dolphin Speed Glaze still hangs on well to vertical surfaces.
  • Dolphin Speed Glaze can also be applied directly to metal, and is compatible with galvanized metal, plastics, fiberglass and properly abraded E-Coat surfaces.
  • And for the ultimate in fast cycle times, we recommend using Dolphin Speed Glaze in combination with U-POL’s Rapid System Primer.

RAPID System Primer:

  • RAPID SYSTEM Primer is 74% solids!, which can produce up to a 4-mil build in just one to two coats!
  • It offers a broad application range, making it ideal for both spot and multi-panel repairs, depending on the ambient temperature
  • It’s gray in color, but can be tinted up to 10% with basecoat for the ultimate color match
  • RAPID SYSTEM Primer also features an easy 4:1:1 or 4:1:2 mix ratio that can be modified for build, but only uses one hardener for easy inventory management
  • And finally, RAPID System Primer sands in less than 1 hour so you can quickly get on to painting!