This video is the second of a three-part series that covers how to perform a complete repair with U-POL’s line of fillers, glazes and coatings.

The first part of this series demonstrated how to properly prepare a surface with U-POL Liteweight Gold Lightweight Body Filler and Dolphin Ultra Fine Finishing Glaze. Available here!

In this video we will be focussing on our System 20 Primer and Clearcoats which utilize the same set of hardeners so it’s an extremely easy system to use.

System 20 High Build Primer:

  • Can be used for spot repair and large panels
  • Features excellent build and surface leveling properties
  • Is easy to sand, wet or dry
  • Can be applied directly to metal, over most plastics, over un-sanded E-Coat, and properly prepared aluminum and galvanized substrates
  • It’s tintable with up to 10% urethane mixing base
  • AND it’s available in both National Rule and low VOC formulations, in both gallon and quart sizes