U-POL’s SMC High Adhesion Filler:

  • Is a direct-to-metal, high adhesion bonding and filling compound that’s specifically designed for the rapid repair of cracks, holes and scratches in virtually ALL substrates, including:
  • SMC
  • Fiberglass,
  • Composites, and
  • Other Rigid Materials.
  • Its carbon fiber-reinforced formula provides structural strength to repairs, making it one of the strongest fillers on the market!
  • SMC is designed with extra-long fiber strands, which makes it ideal for filling and shaping medium- to deep-panel damage on trucks, recreational vehicles, rail vehicles, and marine craft
  • SMC cures in only 15-20 minutes, and can be used to coat and restore an original finish
  • SMC is available in two colors – white and black, and is packaged in one-liter cans.