Fill-One Aerosols

Time and cost savings with clean and easy to use U-POL Fill-One Aerosol Filling System and the convenience of the U-POL Custom Can aerosol.

  • Carry a smaller stock of coloured aerosols
  • Robust valve and professional spray pattern
  • Delivers a finish similar to a spray gun
  • Pre-gassed ready to be filled with any colour of paint
  • Supplied with a Fill-One cap to use with the Fill-One machine
  • Available in water-based and solvent-based compatible aerosols
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Code Size/Pack Colour Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
CCFOUP/AL 400 ml Aerosol Solvent-Based 12 CCFOUP/AL TDS CCFOUP/AL SDS
CCFOWP/AL 400 ml Aerosol Water-Based 12 CCFOUP/AL TDS CCFOWP/AL SDS
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