Gravitex Plus Underbody Coating

GRAVITEX PLUS is a hard, durable underbody coating that can also be used to reproduce the manufacturer’s original stone chip protective finish.

  • Ready for use 1K formula – no measuring or mixing required!
  • Protects against stone chips, salt, rust and dampness
  • Helps to deaden sound and vibrations – ideal for inside engine compartments and panels
  • High build formula covers weld marks and seams
  • Can be painted once dry

Substrates: Bare metal and primed aluminum or galvanized panels

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Code Size/Pack Color Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UP0722 1L Bottle White 12 UP0722 TDS UP0722 SDS
UP0723 1L Bottle Gray 12 UP0723 TDS UP0723 SDS
UP0721 1L Bottle Black 12 UP0721 TDS UP0721 SDS
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