Reface 2K Polyester Spray Putty

Reface is a high build, 2K sprayable polyester specially developed to create an ultra flat surface prior to painting. The improved formulation features excellent adhesion to most substrates, creating an easy to sand base over steel and fiberglass surfaces, even vertical surfaces.

  • Very high build and easy to sand
  • Adheres to metal, fiberglass, fillers and primers
  • Provides the ideal base for priming and for use with most paint systems

Substrates: Bare metal, fiberglass, SMC, polypropylene, polyester putties and body fillers, fully cured paint surfaces

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Code Size/Pack Color Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UP0719 1L Tin White 6 UP0719 TDS REFACE-CA-SDS-EN
UP0733 2.5L Tin White 4 UP0733 TDS REFACE-CA-SDS-EN
UP0739 60ml Bottle Hardener 6 UP0739 TDS UP0739 SDS
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