The first two parts of this series highlighted how to properly prepare a repair surface with U-POL Liteweight Gold Lightweight Body Filler and Dolphin Ultra Fine Finishing Glaze, and then prime with System 20 High Build Primer.

This video will look at our System 20 clearcoat line.

U-POL’s System 20 primers and clearcoats utilize the same set of hardeners so it’s an easy and convenient system to use. The U-POL System 20 primers and clearcoats are available in both National Rule and low VOC formulations, offering superior performance that suits virtually any shop condition. Our System 20 Clearcoats are also available in 4:1 and 2:1 mix ratios, so you have options with different speeds of hardener to suit your preference and type of job. Today I will complete our repair with one of our 4:1 System 20 clearcoats, UP2882 Universal Clearcoat.