U-POL offers a variety of direct-to-metal premium body fillers, specialty fillers, glazes and putties that can be used in a variety of applications and industries.

This video demonstrates our Fibral Lite Lightweight Sandable Fiberglass Filler. With Fibral Lite, you get two products in one!

Fibral Lite is two products in one, because it spreads like a short strand, but bridges holes like a long strand, so there’s no need to stock two different products!

Fibral Lite:

  • Can be applied directly to metal, steel, plastics and is specially formulated for fiberglass, which I will show today
  • Fibral Lite is a durable, yet lightweight formula that can easily be shaped and sanded, once cured
  • Unlike the competition, Fibral Lite is completely waterproof whereas leading competitors’ brands are not!
  • Competitive brands must be top-coated with another filler before it is waterproof, so you must use an extra product to waterproof, which means more money and more time spent on your repair
  • Also, Fibral Lite won’t sag, even on vertical surfaces – it spreads, adheres and finishes like a polyester filler