U-POL’s System 20 line of primers and clearcoats offer superior performance and suit virtually any shop condition.

The System 20 Primers and Clearcoats are available in both National Rule and low VOC formulations, AND they conveniently use the same set of hardeners.

In addition to sharing the same hardeners as our System 20 Primer line, it’s available in both low VOC and National Rule formulations. Our System 20 Clearcoats are also available in 4:1 and 2:1 mix ratios to suit your application preference.

For the purposes of this demonstration, I will continue our repair from part one of this series using our UP2872V System 20 Low VOC 4:1 Water Clearcoat. View that video here.

UP2872V System 20 Low VOC 4:1 Water Clearcoat:
• Is made from high quality, European resins
• It has excellent flow, which makes it easy to apply, sand and buff
• UP2872V has outstanding gloss and features excellent UV resistance, weather, scratch and abrasion resistance
• It’s specially formulated for overall and multi-panel repairs, and can be air dried or low baked (130˚F – 140˚F)
• And lastly, it’s compatible with most waterborne and solvent-based basecoats