RAPTOR 1K Tough Undercoating Aerosol


RAPTOR Tough Undercoating is ideal for protecting underbodies, rocker panels and wheel wells from stone chips, salt damage, moisture and rust. Its 1K heavy duty formulation gives a durable, abrasion resistant finish which acts as a barrier against stone damage and corrosion. It’s perfect for covering weld marks and seams and when used in the engine compartment can also help with sound dampening. RAPTOR Tough Undercoating has excellent adhesion and can be directly applied to properly prepared metal, aluminium, fiberglass and plastic and dries to form an attractive, textured finish.

  • Heavy duty textured finish
  • Durable barrier against rust and corrosion
  • Tough protection for underbodies & wheel wells


Código Tamaño Color Por Caja Ver Hoja Técnica Ver Hoja de Seguridad
UP4876 | UP8410 16 Oz. Aerosol Negro 6 UP4876 | UP8410 TDS UP4876 | UP8410 SDS
UP4876 | UP8410 SDS
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