Dolphin Speed Filler

Dolphin™ Speed Filler

Ultra Fast Premium Lightweight Filler

Dolphin Speed Filler is an advanced, premium lightweight, ultra-fast curing filler for medium to deep panel repairs. Using “Snap Cure” technology, Dolphin Speed Filler is ready to sand in half the time of standard filler. Offers a process system with Dolphin Speed Glaze to reduce total curing time by up to 26 minutes or 65%.

  • Over 2X faster curing (8-10 minutes at 70°F)
  • Supports Bodyshop cycle time reduction
  • Exceptional sanding properties
  • Tack free and pinhole resistant
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Code Size/Pack Colour Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
UP0653 4L Tin Blue 4 UP0653-TDS-EN DOLSF-US-SDS-EN
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