This video will be the third of a five-part series, which covers the RAPTOR Protective Coatings System by U-POL and we’ll be looking at the Raptor Aerosol Range.

RAPTOR offers 1K preparation aerosols, which work well with either our RAPTOR kits or RAPTOR Aerosols:

  • Acid Etch Primer is recommended for smaller exposed surfaces and allow you to etch and prime bare metal in one step, and
  • 1K Adhesion Promoter, which is recommended for flexible plastics and hard to sand areas.

In the 2K Aerosol range we offer:

  • Epoxy Primer, which works well as a protective, anti-corrosive primer in larger exposed surfaces, and
  • Seven 2K RAPTOR color aerosols, which can be used for small, overall jobs or touch ups to existing RAPTOR-sprayed surfaces, which is particularly useful if your shop is set up as a certified RAPTOR Application Center

The convenient RAPTOR 2K Bedliner Aerosol offers a fast, easy way to apply RAPTOR without compromising performance, no spray equipment necessary. This colored bed liner spray can is ideal for spot repairs and small jobs. More than just a bed liner, RAPTOR is a highly durable and tough protective coating.