Our mission for supporting you in 2021: LET’S DO THIS RIGHT FROM THE START

Here we have part three of our four part series covering U-POL’s premium line of aerosols completely free for you to downloand. Our distributors have supported us over the years by promoting our products in the market. In 2021 our mission is to return the favor, by increasing our marketing spend and commitment in the market, to help drive sales for you.

E-COAT#12 is a corrosion resistant, color matched coating that restores the original appearance and gloss of factory ecoat. Use E-COAT #12 on any e-coated panel, vehicle floor, engine bay, cross members, core supports, door skins. ECOAT #12 can be used as a DTM primer or as a single coating to match the OEM finish, is available in 5 colors and is compatible with most basecoats.

  • Excellent color and gloss match to OEM factory coatings
  • 1-2 coat application
  • Apply direct to metal, no need for etch primer 20 – 30 minutes
  • Contains a unique corrosion resistant technology

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