PLAST X Trim Top Coat

  • Topcoat for suitably primed plastic components
  • Achieves a satin, durable finish
  • Excellent coverage and fast drying
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Code Size/Pack Colour Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
PLAS/5B 400 ml Aerosol Black 9 PLAS/5B TDS PLAS/5B SDS
PLAS/5BG 400 ml Aerosol Basalt Grey 9 PLAS/5BG TDS PLAS/5BG SDS
PLAS/5DG 400 ml Aerosol Dark grey 9 PLAS/5DG TDS PLAS/5DG SDS
PLAS/5LG 400 ml Aerosol Light Grey 9 PLAS/5LG TDS PLAS/5LG SDS
PLAS/5MG 400 ml Aerosol Medium Grey 9 PLAS/5MG TDS PLAS/5MG SDS
PLAS/5SB 400 ml Aerosol Signal Black 9 PLAS/5SB TDS PLAS/5SB SDS
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