S2025 High Build Primer


A multi-purpose primer offering the functionality of ‘2 products in 1’ – primer filler and primer surfacer. It is suitable for spot repairs to full panel applications which can be air dried, low baked or I.R. cured.

  • Easy to sand and gives perfect gloss hold out
  • Excellent build, opacity and filling power
  • Use with S2030 and S2032 hardeners
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Code Size/Pack Colour Ctn Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
S2025W/1 1L Tin White 6 S2025W/1 TDS S2025W/1 SDS
S2025W/4 4L Tin White 2 S2025W/4 TDS S2025W/4 SDS
S2025/1 1L Tin Grey 6 S2025/1 TDS S2025/1 SDS
S2025/4 4L Tin Grey 2 S2025/4 TDS S2025/4 SDS
S2025B/1 1L Tin Black 6 S2025B/1 TDS S2025B/1 SDS
S2025B/4 4L Tin Black 2 S2025B/4 TDS S2025B/4 SDS
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