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U-POL has a great range of Speciality Fillers. This video shows off the benefits of U-POL B Glass Fibre Bridging Compound.

U-POL B is a strong polyester glass fibre filler that can be easily shaped and sanded once cured. Suitable for bridging holes and rust in steel and GRP surfaces.

Other fillers in the U-POL Speciality Fillers range include:

U-POL Fibral Glass Fibre Repair Filler – Two component sandable fibreglass filler which takes the place of short and long strand products. Ideal for bridging holes while providing a tough, resistant GRP coating.

U-POL SMC Carbon Fibre Reinforced Filler – High adhesion bonding paste and filling compound specifically designed to repair cracks, holes and scratches in SMC, fiberglass, composite and other rigid materials.