#1: Shake the Raptor bottle thoroughly.
#2: For the 1 US Quart Kit, pour the full contents of the hardener into the RAPTOR bottle. For the 1 US Gallon Kit, pour RAPTOR Tintable into a mixing cup.
#3: Pour the hardener up to the measuring line in the mixing cup (8 fl. oz. of hardener for 24 fl. oz. of RAPTOR).
#4: Then pour the hardener in the RAPTOR bottle.
#5: Replace the lid and shake again to remove any excess of RAPTOR left in the bottle
#6: Activate your 2K paint with its own hardener.
#7: Using a measuring cup, add a maximum of 10% of your activated solid color by volume.
#8: Add your pre-activated tint to the RAPTOR.
#9: Mix all together for 2 mins.
#10: Once thoroughly mixed, pour back into the bottle.
#11: Shake again.

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